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SBA protects clients against potential data disasters with latest DR site

SBA protects clients against potential data disasters with latest DR site

A disaster recovery (DR) plan is a crucial aspect of any business continuity strategy and often requires updates as new technology or IT solutions become available. When an unexpected crisis occurs, a well-prepared recovery plan prevents the loss of valuable business functionality, operating time, and profits. SBA use to depend on a somewhat dated DR strategy, which although some may have considered satisfactory, was considered by SBA to be somewhat outdated to ensure full protection in today’s IT environment.

SBA took the opportunity to review and build a comprehensive disaster recovery solution including recover centres located in both Melbourne and Sydney.

SBA has both a hot site in Melbourne with physical live hardware to recover all services and a cold site with backup data replicated.

One of the most important services at SBA is the member administration platform. SBA uses its Administration Platform to maintain its membership data which is considered the highest level of priority in the event of a major disruption. SBA took this very seriously and now replicates the database to both its Melbourne and Sydney DR sites every 15 minutes and to a live Database server in its Melbourne DR site ensuring the maximum data loss will never be more than 15 minutes.

SBA DR complete solution plan includes a documented set of processes indicating how to restore each of SBA’s IT services after an unplanned event. This detailed strategy for recovering data, and bringing it back online, is what will save time and costs in the event of an actual disaster or disruption.

Does it all work? You bet! SBA has conducted many live tests of the disaster recovery plan and we are pleased to say that everything works according to plan which provides peace of mind for our clients should we be faced with a situation in the future.