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SBA protects clients against potential data disasters with latest DR site

Super Benefits Administration Pty Ltd (SBA) is a provider of high quality administration and consulting services for the superannuation and trust industry. Our focus is to provide an exceptional boutique service of the highest standard to a small number of select clients.

SBA can provide you with a business partnership that has all the personalised qualities often missing in dealings with larger organisations along with a commitment and ability to meet your individual needs.


We focus on a small group of select clients, rather than size for size sake. This means we can actually deliver an exceptional standard of service, not just aim for it.


At SBA, we have recruited some of the best people in the business, building a complete range of specialist superannuation industry skills. These skills are our clients’ assets.


Facilitating the administration of our members and clients’ funds requires specialisation across a range of skills. Our specialist skills free our clients to concentrate on running their fund and leave the concerns about administration to us.