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SBA introduces staff CARE quality training program for staff





SBA introduces staff CARE quality training program.
CARE is the quality program developed for SBA staff and is made up of 4 key behaviours.
• Commitment
• Accountable
• Respect
• Empowerment
SBAs quality program, CARE, improves the service offered to fund members and employers at every interaction. This is achieved through a clear and transparent framework that focuses on learning development that is relevant to the individual staff member.
SBAs quality program, CARE, improves the service offered to fund members and employers at every interaction. This is achieved through a clear and transparent framework that focuses on learning development that is relevant to the individual staff member.CARE encourages and empowers staff to take control of conversations with members and employers to identify the motivation for their call and give them the information they need. Through questioning techniques they proactively identify members and employers that are at risk of exiting the fund and use strategies to attempt retention, or direct these members to staff that are skilled in retention.
These same questioning techniques also allow them to match products and services to the member and employer that they may have been unaware of and will be benefit them, such as a Financial Adviser referrals, consolidation of other super accounts or changes to their insurance package.CARE supports outbound calls to members and employers to not only welcome them to the fund but also at key stages of their membership. These activities build on the high level of satisfaction of members that contact the Service Centre and increase engagement levels with the Fund brand. Targeted employer activities also see the funds employers act as advocates and promote membership of their Fund to their employees.
These strategies are aimed to support and compliment a Funds objectives of retaining members and employers, increasing TTR and pension take-up, increasing the visibility of insurance and associated packages, and protecting and growing FUM.Success Framework
CARE fits into SBA’s overall Success Framework of interconnected activities that work in tandem to deliver an energetic, challenging and inspiring workplace. The Success Framework is a commitment from SBA to provide a collaborative and supporting environment to all staff, seek continuous improvement and embrace change. It is critical that all staff members support each other and the objectives of the framework in order for it to be a success. It is may be also known as a Talent Management Program as it identifies, selects and recruits staff that will benefit the organisation and develops them to their full potential.
Culture includes SBAs vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits.Corporate culture affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders.
We want a culture that is supportive, innovative, passionate, challenging, uncompromising, collaborative and responsible.
The framework comprises new starter training, ongoing training in legislation and products, additional training such as RG146 or any other training that will assist an individual.
The framework manages all training for all staff, from consultants through to the CEO.
HR & Recruitment
HR is primarily concerned with how people are managed, focusing on policies and systems. In essence HR finds the right people for the job and ensures that both staff and the company’s interests are looked after.
Quality is focused not only on product and service quality, but also the means to achieve it. The framework uses quality assurance and control of processes that service and administer products to achieve more consistent quality outcomes.
These are all resources that SBA provides staff to complete their jobs.
This refers to the staff work bench and includes the computers, software, process and procedure documents, manuals etc.which are state of the art and current, enabling the staff of SBA to leverage and maximise efficiencies as much as possiblePerformance Management
Performance management is designed to ensure that staff receive clear direction to establish accountabilities, reports on their performance, regular feedback sessions and opportunities to improve and challenge themselves and the organisation.
Performance Management is the final step, whilst also being at the beginning of the Training Framework as it measures performance against training provided for a task to measure effectiveness.
Continuous Improvement
Processes that directly affect customers are constantly evaluated and improved in light of their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.
The CIP is made up of key stakeholders in the organization and uses data sourced from many inputs to understand the proposed impact of any change and agree on priorities
Business transparency means clear, unhindered honesty in the way the SBA does business. Transparency is an essential component for a free and open exchange whereby the rules and reasons behind decisions and performance measures are fair and clear to everyone.
Transparency is also extended to the full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information.
Strategic Goals
These are the planned objectives that SBA strives to achieve. The CEO and Board develop and articulate appropriate strategic goals for the business and these are used to inform staff what the plans and vision for SBA are.
Strategic goals need to be achievable and reflect a realistic assessment of the current and projected business environment.
Communicating strategic goals allows staff to understand how their performance and actions directly relate to the success of the organisation.
This is directly related to transparency and culture which influences HR and recruitment.